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“I have not suffered depression in over 6 months…

.. thats really fascinating because I have sufffered from depression for near on 17 – 18 years.”

Sarah S.


“Whenever I came to see Eamon, both my forefingers would not close. They were always sitting up like this. After working with the Healexus Healing system and my fingers now close completely. There is no pain.”

Anne Hogan


“I was very lost in terms of a the development of my professional life. So I tried a session with Eamon and from the start, and during the entire year after that, I felt so much more grounded and connected. Suddenly my world got better. I just knew exactly what needed to be done and my business just blossomed.”

Barbara Kirste


“I want to say thank you for doing healing on my dog on Ollie. The doctors gave him no chance to live. And you did some special healing on him remotely. Now he’s living and he’s getting better. I want to thank you very much for saving my dog”

Julia Siwak


“I’m blown away. I feel great and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this way before… I feel like all the memories of what has been bothering me emotionally and physically have disappeared.”

Anna Maria


Skin Issue Resolved Through Distance Healings

“I had quite a serious inflamation of the contour of my lip,which in medical terms is called Cheilitis. I tried to heal it with the help of conventional medicine but it didn’t work.

The inflamation was extremely painful and uncomfortable. I couldn’t drink warm liquids, eat spicy food and even to smile was painful. The sensation was as if I didn’t have skin there at all. It felt like an open wound.

It took me a few sessions under Eamon’s guidance to address the underlying issues properly. Slowly but steadily I noticed the inflamation went away.”

Svetlana Karnaukhova

Saint Petersburg, Russia

“I suffer chronic pain in both legs but after a 1:1 session with Eamon I feel great… I’m going out now carrying my stick and I’m not going to use it.”

Mary Driver


“I had pain 8 out of 10 with my back and an implant neuro stimulator which has become ineffective. After a session with Eamon I feel better than I have in a good while thank God. Pain out of 10 now is 0!”

Noel Hogan


“I was in a bad place where I ended up homeless sleeping in the car during the bad weather and everything else and my only comfort was alcohol … I found myself getting deeper and deeper into a hole that I couldn’t see myself getting out of.

I came to Eamon and we went through a few questions and answer sessions prior to the healing process.

I have had no desire, no longing, no hearkening for drink. I have been to pubs. I need a life. I socialise and I mean that honestly since being with Eamon, I have had no desire for drink. “

Brendan R


How do I know if this healing is right for me?

Like many of the 1000s of people who I have already had the privilege to help you may be feeling unsure or even anxious about whether this is for you or not. Have a look at the most common questions asked before a session and if you have any further questions just get in touch. I will only be too happy to put your mind at rest.

Does this healing process work for everyone?

Whilst the majority of clients notice a relief of symptoms by the end of the first video call, some people take longer to open up to the receiving of healing energies being transmitted.  For this reason  3 to 5 sessions may be required to complete the healing depending on the ailment being addressed and the patient’s propensity to healing.

Does this type of healing work with emotional problems?

Yes, this healing addresses physical, emotional and spiritual issues. From experience even physical ailments can have underlying root causes linked emotional trauma that needs to be energetically cleared.

How many sessions will I need ?

No two people are the same and so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this question. It very much depends on the lifestyle choices of the patient, the impact of past life traumas not to mention the number and size of the negative energy imprints that must be removed from the patient’s auric field.

Most patients either realise a marked improvement of their symptoms or a complete healing after 3 to 5 sessions. Over 60% of people report significant improvements by the end of the very first session. 

How do I book a private session?

Choose from one of the 3 healing session options on our home page. You will then be emailed a pre-session assessment form along with an appointment scheduling link.

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