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First time booking?

If this is your first time to work with me then you should  start by booking a 30 minute introductory ‘Assessment Session’.  Once booked you will receive a link to a short health assessment questionairre  which should be completed prior to the session taking place.  A second link along with the scheduled appointment details can be used to connect with Eamon on the day.

1:1 Online Healing Session

If you have already had an asssessment session or you have had a session with me in the past then  you can forego the introductory assessment session.  Book a healing session or a healing package using the pricing table listed below.

All 1:1 video healing sessions are scheduled on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. In the event that you need urgent assistance please use the contact form below and provide full details of what you are looking help with.  I will do my best to schedule you with an appointment as soon as possible.

There is nothing that can’t be healed through activation of the Divine healing energies that lie dormant within us all.

Eamon Mc Grenaghan


Do you only help people heal from fear based issues?

Over the years I have helped people heal from all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. From experience even physical ailments have negative fear based underlying root causes frequentlt linked to emotional trauma that needs to be energetically cleared. The first stage of any healing is to sort out any fear based issues the patient may have.

Does this healing process work for everyone?

Whilst more than 90% of clients notice a relief of symptoms by the end of the first healing session,  it’s unrealistic to believe that one session will fix a lifetimes worth of negative experiences, trauma and in some cases neglect. With all new clients I like to have a 30 minute ‘Discovery Call’ at the end of which I will be able to assess the extent  to which  I can help you heal. I will then recommend  either a  3 or  5 session healing package depending on the ailment being addressed and the your propensity to apply the healing energies.

How do I book a private session?

Sign up for one of  the 3 healing session options below,  and you will then be emailed your free online assessment form along with an appointment scheduling link.

How many sessions will I need ?

No two people are the same and so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this question without at first talking to you on a 30 minute ‘Discovery Call’. Your condition right now very much depends on the lifestyle choices of you have made to date, the impact of past life traumas you may have experienced and the number and size of the negative energy imprints that must be removed from your auric field. Prior to treating you as a new patient we will embark on a discovery call so I can find out what has been happening  with you upto this point in time. You will be asked to complete a short medical assessment form prior to the call which I will use during our discovery call to ascertain the exact number of sessions we will require in order to help you. From experience s marked  lasting improvement can be seen after 3 to 5 healing sessions.

Healing Session Options

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