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Bringing Forth Your Divine Light

My intention is to be a portal of the highest light as it creates transformation for your highest good. I bring forth your Divine Light and Love and allows the miracles of Source to come forth and be applied around and within you.

Your Divine Light can create relief from dis-ease and dis-comfort. Your Divine Light can resolve and dissolve energetic blockages. Your Divine Light will penetrate and rejuvenate every cell of your body whilst filling your heart with the joy you so longed for. Profound shifts of awareness and oneness can occur through encounters with Your Divine Light.

I have been very successful in helping people from all over the world with my transformational gifts and spiritual counseling sessions.


Registration of upto 14 people   (Minimum 7)

Approximately 90 – 120 min of group time

Each person receives multiple hands-on healing experiences

Fee: 60 per person


  • For the BEST possible outcome,  3-5 sessions to will be required to achieve your health goals.
  • You may use various combinations of appointments to complete your 3-5 sessions. They may include Small Group Sessions, 1:1 Divine Energy Transmission Calls, Weekend Immersion Events or Large Group Transformational Events. I will shortly be offering a 5-Day Deep Immersion Retreat which will provide a minimum of 8-10 hands on healing experiences.
  • Please know that these are your initial sessions and more may be necessary.
  • We suggest you complete the initial sessions in the shortest time frame as possible.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not able to attend small groups as they are best treated individually.

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